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2024 Summer Postseason - Softball

Postseason play provides an opportunity for our players to represent our Dublin Little League in competitive tournaments against other neighboring leagues and potentially beyond. Postseason tournaments will begin in June 2024 and conclude by the end of July 2024. Being selected for a postseason team is an honor and an important commitment for both the players and the parents.

The postseason teams for Dublin Little League are divided into age groups with one or two tiers of competition at each age level. Dublin LL and the other District 57 teams try to keep all of our teams "age pure" but there may be a rare occasion that a player will be invited to play up to the next age level.

Age Groups (using the 2024 age chart)

Baseball 9's: players must be league age 9. 
Baseball 10's: players must be league age 10. 
Baseball 11's: players must be league age 11. 
Baseball 12's: players must be league age 12. 
Baseball Intermediates: players on the Intermediates team must be league age 13. 
Baseball Juniors: players on the Juniors team must be league age 14. 

Softball 8-10 All-Stars: players must be league age 10, 9, or 8. 
Softball 9-11 All-Stars: players must be league age 11, 10, or 9.
Softball 10-12 All-Stars: players must be league age 12, 11, or 10. 

The league is also gauging interest in an 8's tournament team for both baseball and softball; baseball players must be league age 8 and softball players must be league age 8 and 7.

Competition Tiers
Baseball All-Star Teams (Gold): Juniors, Intermediates, 12's, 11's, and 10's.
Baseball Tournament Teams (Green): 12's, 11's, 10's, 9's. Depending on the number of players registered for each age group, more than on Green team can be formed. We are gauging interest in an 8's tournament team.

Softball All-Star Teams: 12's (league age 10-12), 11's (league age 9-11), 10's (league age 8-10).
Softball Tournament Teams: 8's (we are gauging interest in an 8's tournament team).

District All-Star Teams 
The District All-Star teams will represent Dublin Little League in officially sanctioned Little League tournaments. The tournaments are quite competitive; the competition level of these tournaments is significantly higher than what is seen in regular season play. The starting point for the District All-Star teams is the District 57 tournament. For the Juniors, Intermediates, and 12's All-Star teams, the Little League tournaments culminate in the Little League World Series. For the District 11's and 10's All-Star teams, the Little League tournaments conclude with the Northern California Division tournaments. In addition to the Little League tournaments, the District All-Star teams for baseball will also compete in local tournaments.

Tournament Teams
The Tournament teams provide players an opportunity to compete at a slightly lower level of competition than the District All-Star teams. The tournament teams will compete in local tournaments where competition levels will be a little higher than what is seen in regular season play. In addition to 12's, 11's, and 10's baseball tournament teams, Dublin Little League will also form 9-year-old tournament teams (Gold and Green). There is also potential for an 8's Green team. These tournament teams provide an excellent opportunity to introduce our younger players to competitive tournament play. 

At this time, there are no Little League Softball tournaments being held in District 57 that would warrant separate tournament teams to be formed, however, that could change with the possibility of an 8's Softball tournament team. The league has also looked at the potential to host summer softball tournaments, including currently gauging interest for an 8's softball team.

Selection Process
The selection process for the postseason will begin in late April through mid May and the postseason rosters will be officially announced between May 15 and June 1, 2024. Selection to a postseason team will be based on the player attending the postseason evaluation. Selection will be based on manager ballots, player ballots, and postseason committee approvals. The District All-Star teams will be assembled first followed by the tournament teams. Players selected to the postseason teams will be provided a uniform for the tournaments which includes a jersey, hat, and a practice shirt. 

The selection process may include training and/or practice sessions during the regular season. These sessions will take place in the May time frame and will only be open to those players that have completed and submitted a post-season commitment form.

To be eligible for the post-season selection process, players and parents must complete and submit this postseason commitment form by 04/26/2024 and participate in the evaluations on 04/28/2024 or 05/05/2024 (makeup evaluation). Players must also have played a minimum of 8 official Little League games during the Spring 2024 season. The fee to participate on a postseason team is estimated to be $300-500 for the 9's, 10s, 11s and 12s baseball teams. Softball fees are TBD and will be discussed prior to fully committing. The fees will be used to cover uniforms, tournament fees, postseason equipment, and field rentals. If a team chooses to participate in more tournaments, then the additional tournament fees will be split evenly among each player.

All-Star Team Attendance Expectations
For the District All-Star teams, full attendance for the District 57 All-Star Tournament is required. Any All-Star player that unexpectedly misses a game during the district All-Star tournament not only COMPROMISES THE TEAM’S ABILITY TO WIN AND ADVANCE TO THE NEXT ROUND, BUT WILL POTENTIALLY BE REMOVED FROM THE TEAM AND THE SUMMER REGISTRATION FEE WILL BE FORFEITED. Missing multiple practices, multiple games/tournaments, or being unavailable for more than 1 week during the postseason (outside of the District, Sectional, etc. All-Star tournaments) may be cause for removal from an All-Star or Tournament team.

The District 57 All-Star Tournaments will follow the following schedule: 

10's, 11's, and 12's All Star Tournament June 22nd to July 3rd. 
Intermediates All Star Tournament June 15th to June 25th.  
Juniors All-Star Tournament June 22nd to July 3rd. 

Softball (no District tournament)
10's, 11's, and 12's All Star Tournament June 28th to July 3rd, States July 4th to July 18th, and Regionals July 20th to July 26th.

All-Star and Tournament Team Expectations
All-Star and Tournament Team practices will begin as soon as the rosters are announced in late May and District All Star tournaments will commence mid-June. There are typically 3-5 practice sessions per week, depending upon game schedule. Postseason players and families should expect 4-5 practices per week in the weeks before tournaments begin. Tournaments start on the weekends and extend to evening games on the weekdays, if your team advances. Typically, three games will be scheduled over a weekend which include a doubleheader on Saturday or Sunday. During the summer, there is typically a practice or a game every day, with few exceptions. 

For postseason play, advancing through the tournaments is the highest priority. Minimum play requirements will be upheld, however, lineups and playing time will be determined by whatever provides the best chance for the team to advance through the tournament. Postseason players will be given plenty of opportunities in practice to earn their playing time in games. 

Appropriate behavior is expected at all times. Players are expected to honorably represent Dublin Little League and the City of Dublin through their preparation, gameplay, and post-game behavior. Inappropriate behavior will be promptly addressed with the possibility of being dismissed from the team.

Volunteer Obligations
It is REQUIRED to volunteer at the hosted tournament for your age division for all 12's, 11's, 10's and 9's Baseball teams. Failure to do so will compromise your child's position on the team and potentially compromise your child's ability to participate on future teams. Sign up sheets for dates and times will be available upon team invitation to register and it is expected that you select your volunteer time slot/role at that time.


Registration closes on 06/30/2024 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 06/01/2024 to 07/31/2024


Registration closes on 06/30/2024 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 06/01/2024 to 07/31/2024


Registration closes on 06/30/2024 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 06/01/2024 to 07/31/2024
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