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Congratulations to the A Bracket Champions...Dublin Gold

A Bracket Champions...Dublin Gold
Congratulations to the A Bracket Runners-up...Danville White
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Congratulations to the B Bracket Champions...Dublin Green

B Bracket Champions...Dublin Green

Congratulations to the B Bracket Runners-up...San Ramon Valley

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Bracket Play Schedule

A & B Quarterfinals
Day Date Game # Time Field Home Runs Away Runs Winner
Monday 6/18/18 28 5:30 PM DSG Field 4 Tassajara Valley A 3 San Ramon Valley A 10 SRVLL A
Monday 6/18/18 29 5:30 PM DSG Field 6 Danville White 13 Danville Blue 4 Danville White
Monday 6/18/18 30 5:30 PM DSG Field 5 Canyon Creek Red 0 Livermore A 14 Livermore A
A & B Semifinals
Day Date Game # Time Field Home Runs Visitor Runs Winner
Tuesday 6/19/18 32 5:30 PM DSG Field 6 Granada A 7 Danville White 9 Danville White
Tuesday 6/19/18 33 5:30 PM DSG Field 4 Dublin Gold 9 San Ramon Valley A 1 Dublin Gold
Tuesday 6/19/18 34 5:30 PM DSG Field 5 Tassajara Valley B 13 San Ramon Valley B 19 SRVLL B
A & B Championship Games
Day Date Game # Time Field Home Team Runs Lower Seed is Visitor Runs Winner
Wednesday 6/20/18 36 5:30 PM DSG Field 4 Dublin Gold 7 Danville Blue 0 Dublin Gold
Wednesday 6/20/18 37 5:30 PM DSG Field 6 Dublin Green  12 San Ramon ValleyB  1 Dublin Green


Final Standings

"A" Pool 1
Team Wins Loses Ties Runs For Runs Against
Dublin Gold 3 0 0 33 15
Danville White 2 1 0 23 14
Tassajara Valley A 2 1 0 22 14
Livermore A 1 2 0 15 28
San Ramon A 0 3 0 0 18
"A" Pool 2
Team Wins Loses Ties Runs For Runs Against
Granada A 2 1 0 35 18
San Ramon Valley A 2 1 0 21 14
Danville Blue 1 2 0 20 18
Canyon Creek Red 1 2 0 19 35
Pleasanton 1 2 0 13 27
"B" Pool
Team Wins Loses Ties Runs For Runs Against
Dublin Green 4 0 0 51 8
Tassajara Valley B 2 2 0 27 36
San Ramon Valley B 0 4 0 10 44

Tournament Game Schedule

2018 Dublin Shamrock Classic 9U Tournament - Revised 6/16
Day Date Game # Time Field Visitor Runs Home Runs Winner
Saturday 6/16/18 1 8:30 AM DSG Field 7 Tassajara Valley B 4 San Ramon Valley B 3 TVLL
Saturday 6/16/18 2 9:00 AM DSG Field 4 Dublin Gold 10 Danville White 5 Dublin Gold
Saturday 6/16/18 3 9:30 AM DSG Field 5 Livermore A 6 San Ramon A 0 Livermore
Saturday 6/16/18 4 10:00 AM DSG Field 6 Danville Blue 0 Pleasanton A 1 Pleasanton
Saturday 6/16/18 6 11:00 AM DSG Field 7 Dublin Green 13 Tassajara Valley B 3 Dublin Green
Saturday 6/16/18 7 12:00 PM DSG Field 4 Tassajara Valley A 5 Dublin Gold 7 Dublin Gold
Saturday 6/16/18 8 12:30 PM DSG Field 5 Danville White 6 San Ramon A 0 Danville White
Saturday 6/16/18 9 1:00 PM DSG Field 6 Pleasanton A 9 Canyon Creek Red 10 CCLL
Saturday 6/16/18 11 2:30 PM DSG Field 7 San Ramon Valley B 0 Dublin Green 10 Dublin Green
Saturday 6/16/18 12 3:00 PM DSG Field 4 Tassajara Valley A 11 Granada A 7 TVLL
Saturday 6/16/18 13 3:30 PM DSG Field 5 San Ramon Valley A 8 Danville Blue 3 SRVLL
Sunday 6/17/18 15 8:30 AM DSG Field 7 San Ramon Valley B 6 Tassajara Valley B 16 TVLL
Sunday 6/17/18 16 9:00 AM DSG Field 4 San Ramon Valley A 4 Granada A 11 Granada
Sunday 6/17/18 17 9:30 AM DSG Field 6 Livermore A 4 Danville White 12 Danville White
Sunday 6/17/18 18 10:00 AM DSG Field 5 San Ramon A 0 Tassajara Valley A 6 TVLL
Sunday 6/17/18 20 11:30 AM DSG Field 7 Tassajara Valley B 4 Dublin Green 14 Dublin Green
Sunday 6/17/18 21 12:00 PM DSG Field 4 Canyon Creek Red 0 San Ramon Valley A 9 SRVLL
Sunday 6/17/18 22 12:30 PM DSG Field 6 Granada A 17 Pleasanton A 3 Granada
Sunday 6/17/18 23 1:00 PM DSG Field 5 Dublin Gold 16 Livermore A 5 Dublin Gold
Sunday 6/17/18 25 2:30 PM DSG Field 7 Dublin Green 14 San Ramon Valley B 1 Dublin Green
Sunday 6/17/18 26 3:00 PM DSG Field 4 Danville Blue 17 Canyon Creek Red 9 DanvilleBlue

Dublin Shamrock Classic (9U)

General Info

Check-In & Registration: 

All teams are required to sign in and register on Friday June 15th between 5:30pm and 7:30pm at Athens Burger Restaurant (6999 Dublin Blvd, Dublin CA 94568) in the banquet room. All teams will report to a tournament representative to submit their mandatory documents for review. 

Mandatory documents to be submitted: 
1) Tournament Roster (Must include player’s full name and jersey#) 
2) Clear plastic holders containing copies three forms of id (as defined in the tournament section of the rule book) folded so that all three forms can be seen on the same page.  
3) Medical Release Form (for each player and coach) 
4) Volunteer application for all coaches
5) Concussion form signed by both the player and parent
6) Confirmation of Manager’s Phone # and Backup Team Rep for Emergency Purposes

Tournament Roster Requirements:

All teams will be limited to 14 active players identified at the time of sign-in. All players shall be the appropriate league age for the tournament as identified by the 2018 Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules. 8 year-olds will NOT be allowed to participate in the 9 year-olds tournament.


Each team shall provide a scorekeeper.
The home team scorekeeper should report to the Tournament Information table at least 30 minutes prior to game start. At that time they will be given the official scorebook and pitch count log to use during the game.  Home team scorekeeper will keep the scorebook.
The visiting team’s scorekeeper will keep track of the official pitch counts, and will be responsible for returning both the pitch count log and the official scorebook to the Tournament Information Table at the completion of the game.

Pre-Game Warmups:

Teams can warm up in the outfield of all fields.

There is a batting cage located by the main parking lot. Batting cages are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

General Playing Rules:

District 57 Summer Tournament Policy All games will support District 57 Summer Tournament Policy.

Please make sure to read this letter as it covers a few issues specific to tournament play such as a 50 pitch limit (soft limit, can finish batter) per game for ALL pitchers in the 9-12yr old age groups. Mandatory Play Every player on the team roster must play six (6) defensive outs. No requirement for innings played in the infield. 

Continuous batting will be used for all games.

Five Run Rule - A half inning ends when the offensive team scores 5 runs before 3 outs are recorded. The inning is immediately over when the 5th run crosses the plate, and for scoring purposes further runs do not count, with the exception of additional run resulting from a true home run. The 5-run rule is waived in the 6th inning as well as any inning following the 6th. 

Ten Run Rule If after 4 innings (3 ½ if the home team is ahead) one team has a lead of ten (10) or more runs, the team with the least number of runs shall concede victory to their opponent.

Pitching Rules (9-year old):

The pitching rules for the tournament will follow the 2018 Tournament Rules and Guidelines for Little League Baseball as found in the 2018 Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules, as well as the D57 Policy Letter for tournament play. These are as follows: 

No pitcher will be allowed to pitch in more than 1 game per day, and under no circumstances shall a player pitch in 3 consecutive days. 

Up to 20 pitches…….no rest required/may pitch next day 

21-35 pitches………..1 day of rest required 

36-50 pitches………..2 days of rest required 

50 pitch max………...No hard stop, pitcher may finish batter, 3 days of rest required 

For all pitch limit thresholds (including the 50 pitch limit), a pitcher may finish the batter if the limit is reached before the AB is complete. Scorekeepers keeping the pitch count log must circle the limit pitch so that the tournament directors know what threshold was reached even if the pitcher goes over to complete the AB.

Catching rules are also in effect with a pitcher who has pitched more than 40 pitches unable to catch that day, and a catcher who has caught 4 innings or more is unable to pitch that day. 



  • Pool Play
  • 3 game guarantee during the weekend for each team.
  • Top 3 teams from each “A” pool will advance to weekday single elimination “A” bracket.
  • All teams from the “B” pool advance to the weekday single elimination “B” bracket.

Tiebreakers in pool play standings are as follows:

  • Wins
  • Head to head
  • Runs for
  • Run differential
  • Coin toss

Home/Visitor - Pool Play:

For pool play home and visitor are identified on the schedule. 

For bracket play, the higher seeded team is the home team.

Home team takes the 3rd base dugout, and visiting team takes the 1st base dugout.

Field Locations:

Dublin Sports Grounds Fields 1, 4, 5, 6 & 7, 6700 Dublin Blvd., Dublin CA 94568

Time Limits:

No new inning shall begin after 1 hour and 45 minutes from the official start of play.


Pool play games may end in a tie.

Bracket games may not end in a tie, and thus extra innings will be played until a winner is declared.  If a game is tied and darkness comes into effect the game will be concluded the next game day 1 hour prior to the game that one of the teams will play as a result of the outcome.


Only the Manager, up to 2 adult coaches, and players on the roster may be in the dugout.  One adult must be present in the dugout at all times.


Results, standings and brackets will be available at the Tournament Information Booth and also will be updated every evening on the Dublin Little League website (

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